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I welcome guest blogs about proton therapy, the technology, opinions, and personal experience. You are welcome to submit them via email without first sending a query. Of course I reserve the right not to put them on the blog or to edit them. If they are poorly written or riddled with errors and typos I won't deal with them.

Query: It would be best to query first before going to the trouble of writing the entire piece. Send it to me at:

Length: Any length will be considered

Format: Pages, Word, HTML. Not PDFs.

Photos: .gif or .jpg between 72 dpi

Payment: There is no remuneration for blogs printed. If you have a similar blog, perhaps we could exchange articles and links.

Rights: Although the content on my blog is protected by copyright (to avoid abuse), I readily allow people to copy parts of it for review or quotation. I cannot guarantee that your contents will not be used by others. My preference is for enthusiastic readers to share the link to this site rather than copying the articles onto other sites.