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What You Can Do

Please join me and others in spreading the word about the efficacy of proton therapy. As you can tell from my blog posts, I don't think radiologists and urologists and doctors will very often refer their patients for proton therapy. More than that, those who have reasons to delay the acceptance of proton therapy have an active campaign of disinformation and unfounded criticism. Many people who would benefit from proton therapy go to the internet and get discouraged by some of the negative things they find there. I address these issues in my blogs. The best hope for proton therapy is to go directly to the end users, the public, those who are researching treatment options.

If you are reading this, I hope it means you are enthusiastic about proton therapy and the promises it holds for cancer treatment. Here are some ways you can help to further the public awarenes of this amazing technology.

Share your experience
If you have benefited from or are familiar with proton therapy, share your experience and knowledge with others. I went so far as to write books and found websites. That may be more than you want to do. Nevertheless, in your conversations with others, when you hear about someone receiving a cancer diagnosis, tell them the importance of being aware of proton therapy as one option for them to consider.

Talk to your health providers
If you do not live near a proton therapy center, it is likley that most health providers in your area are unfamiliar with the technology. When you interact with them, suggest that they become conversant about the potential of proton therapy.

Lobby your insurance company
One of the greatest hurdles for proton therapy is overcoming the unwillingness of insurance companies to cover it as a treatment. They are likely to still claim it is unproven, or not medically necessary. There are good answers to overcome such policies. Become familiar with them. (The recent $25.5 million judgement against Aetna for refusing coverage may be a good starting point for your conversation. See blog.LegalResources.html)

Counter unfounded criticism
I constantly search the internet to see what people are saying about proton therapy. I have directed some of my blogs against the inaccuracies I have found. I am working on a longer blog with specific examples. The worst offenders are those with competing modalities, such as sterotactic x-rays, who offer an "unbiased" comparison of the two technologies, in which they claim vast superiority. One website claims their x-rays offer sub-millimeter precision, whereas protons can be off by as much as 20 mm (more that three-fourths of an inch!). Not! Another site states that their x-rays are the best treatment for brain tumors. Even most of the critics and insurance companies concede the benefit of proton therapy in such cases.

Don't fall for the myths
One meaning for the word myth is a statement that is commonly held but is factually untrue. One way to attack proton therapy is to continue to promulgate such misrepresentations. Here is a refutation on the protonBOB site to the ten most common myths about proton theray: When you hear these myths being repeated, stand up for proton therapy and tell the truth.

Buy and distribute my books
Let's face it, books about proton therapy are never going to make the best seller lists. It sounds self-serving to suggest you buy my books, but I assure you that the modest income they provide does not cover the cost of these websites. I believe they provide the best picture of proton therapy, either specifically for prostate cancer, or for all cancers. Give them to your friends, put them in your doctors' offices, give one to your public library. Give them to cancer support groups.

Write reviews of my books
If you have read my book(s), please leave a review on Amazon so others may know what you think about it.

Include my links on your social media
Despite my intent to create a presence on social media, I have not been able to do that. I guess I'm too old of a dog to learn new tricks. But you can .In whatever ways possible, share this information, the books, the websites, in your social media accounts.

If you want to go as far as giving public presentations, let me know if you need to use any of my illustrations. I will gladly share them. Thank you for your efforts. Together we can make a real difference in peoples' lives at a very important time.

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