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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy
2018 Update

Above left: A proton therapy gantry in operation.
Above right: Linda and I celebrate my graduation after thirty-nine successful sessions of proton therapy at Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I wrote this book after I became enamoured with proton therapy, having experienced it first hand. The book is 158 pages in full color with more than 150 photos and illustrations. It not only covers my personal experience, but also the science and physics of protons and the equipment used to produce and control them. For anyone with prostate cancer considering possible treatments, this is the most thorough and up-to-date description of proton therapy available.

I have dedicated a whole website to my proton books:

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Kindle version
Print version

Proton therapy is not reserved for prostate cancer. Any cancer for which a target can be identified can be treated with proton therapy. It is especially beneficial when the tumor is in close proximity to other iportant organs that you don't want to damage. Anyone facing a cancer diagnosis should understand the potential of proton therapy.

To order the book, here are links to Amazon (not " buy" buttons.)
Kindle version
Print version


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You may also want to check out my website listing proton therapy centers in the United States:

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This book isn't my first memoir. I wrote a book about the cruise industry, my wife's and my love story, and a travelogue entitled Cruise of the Heart: Memoir of a Transatlantic Voyage. It has its own website:
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